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Submerged Arc Flux Recovery Unit

Submerged Arc Flux Recovery Unit

YS-ZHS submerged arc flux recovery units can use compressed air as power to recovery soldering flux. Flux tanks of YS-ZHS positive pressure flux recovery machines can contain 75 L soldering flux. Hoppers are automatically supplied with solders when flux level is down to conveying inlet. Solder supplement and recovery is finished by upstream compressed air. To guarantee high welding quality, YS-Kc heatless regenerative air dryers are equipped to prevent oil contamination and humidity from occurring in compressed air. YS-ZHS submerged arc flux recovery units are available in any welding equipment which applies neither strip surfacing nor multi-wire surfacing.

Structure Diagram

Submerged Arc Flux Recovery Unit

  • YS-LPS
  • YS-ZHS

Parameters of Positive Pressure Flux Recovery Machine

Model No. ZHS-75L ZHS-75L-R
Working Voltage 380V/50HZ
Recovery Distance (m) < 2
Air Consumption (m3/min) 4-8
Conveying Distance (m) 8-25
Flux Capacity (L) 75
Working Negative Pressure (MPa) -0.08 Mpa to -0.12 MPa
Machine Weight  
Heating Power (Only R) (Kw)   2.4

Wuxi HONJ is a subsidiary company to Wuxi Yizhou. We are dedicated in manufacturing automatic welding machines, computer numerical controlling cutting machines, facing machines, and so on. We have absorbed abundant advanced technologies from abroad. Our YS-ZHS submerged arc flux recovery units are exported to many countries, including America, Canada, Russia, Iran, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and so on.

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