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Sandblasting Room and Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting Room and Sandblasting Equipment

1. Sandblasting room is specially designed for derusting various steel castings, including large-size castings and forgings, welded structural steels, transformer tanks, machines, vehicles, ships, etc.
2. In abrasive blast room, steel castings are processed by a high-speed stream of abrasive materials, such as copper ore sands, quartz sands, carborundum, iron sands, deep sea sands, etc. In this way, steels are milled and cleaned, which increases fatigue resistance and adhesive force with paintings. Besides, they are much more durable.
3. As professional shot blasting machine manufacturer, we can customize individual sandblasting rooms for clients.

Wuxi HONJ is a subsidiary company to Wuxi Yizhou. We are dedicated in manufacturing automatic welding machines, abrasive blast room, computer numerical controlling cutting machines, facing machines, and so on. We have absorbed abundant advanced technologies from abroad. Our equipment for sandblasting room are exported to many countries, including America, Canada, Russia, Iran, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and so on.

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