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  • Automatic Flux Recovery EquipmentYS-H automatic flux recovery equipment is widely used to recycle submerged arc solders. They are widely used in welding industry. There are five types of YS-H solder recycling machines: YS-H-C, YS-H-A, YS-H-M, YS-H-B and YS-H30M machines.
    1. YS-H-C machines are wheel-type automatic flux recovery units. Apart from recycling solders ...
  • Suspended Flux Recovery UnitYS-GHS suspended flux recovery unit is one of the most mature products manufactured by us since 2006. It applies durable suspended automatic valve whose seal ring is convenient to change. Even if this valve is stocked, it will not be damaged. As professional Chinese solder recycling device manufacturer, HONJ offers various machine types for choices ...
  • Split Flux Recovery SystemYS-FHS split flux recovery systems are designed on the basis of special welding equipments and welding technology. This flux recovery conveyor system is constituted by dedusting recycling system and conveying system. It is placed in welding platform and connected to solder flux suction mouth and hopper. In YS-FHS series, several model types are offered, including FHS80, FHS100, FHS150 and FHS200...
  • Submerged Arc Flux Recovery UnitYS-ZHS submerged arc flux recovery units can use compressed air as power to recovery soldering flux. Flux tanks of YS-ZHS positive pressure flux recovery machines can contain 75 L soldering flux. Hoppers are automatically supplied with solders when flux level is down to conveying inlet. Solder supplement and recovery is finished by upstream compressed air. To guarantee high welding quality, YS-Kc heatless regenerative ...
  • Welding Fume ExtractorYS-CC(Y) impulse welding fume extractors are used to collect fume in welding and cutting treatments and collect dusts in milling and polishing treatments. They are environment-friendly, meeting demands of improving working conditions. HONJ is a professional China weld fume collector manufacturer. We apply strict standards in production of welding fume collectors. ...
  • Solder Separation MachineYS-DZFC solder dross separator machines are used to filtrate the surplus soldering flux in submerged arc welding. With these flux magnetic separators, metallic powders and flux can be separated. YS-DZFC flux filtrating machines are with high performance cost ratio, because they combine multiple functions together, including filtration, magnetic separation and classification. Besides, they apply double vibrating machines ...
  • Automatic Welding Rod OvenThree latest welding rod ovens are provided by us: YS-RA, YS-RB and YS-RAB automatic electrode drying ovens. Combine functions of electrode drying and soldering flux drying together, they present competitive advantages. Besides, electrode drying and soldering flux drying are separately controlled by two independent systems, which makes automatic temperature controlling more accurate and convenient. Our welding electrode dryers ...

Flux Recovery Equipment

Flux recovery equipments produced by us respectively are suspended, automatic, split type and positive-pressure welding flux recycling machines. The suspended solder recycling equipments apply durable seal rings which are convenient to change. Besides, even these seal rings are stuck by solder dross, valves will not be damaged. The automatic solder dross cycling machines are not only used for recovery of solder flux, but also utilized as movable suction machines. The split type ones are flexibly used in wide applications. Besides, they meet demands of long-distance working. The positive-pressure flux recovery equipments are available in any welding equipment which conducts surfacing with neither band-electrode nor multi-electrode.

1. Automatic Flux Recovery Unit
2. Suspended Flux Recovery Unit
3. Split Flux Recovery Unit
4. Submerged Arc Flux Recovery Unit
5. Welding Fume Extractor
6. Flux Filtrating Machine
7. Welding Rod Oven

1. Flux recovery equipments are nice in appearance. Machine structure is designed scientifically. Besides, these welding flux recycling machines are easy to operate.
2. They are driven by AC dynamos and controlled by draught fans. Filtered by bag filters, soldering flux is separated with dust, which is friendly to environment.

Delivery and Payment
1. Flux recovery equipments are packaged with foam papers, steel shelves and wooden cases.
2. They are delivered by ship.
3. Payment is through L/C or T/T.

WUXI HONJ MATERIAL CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing automatic welding equipments, CNC cutting machines, flux recovery equipments, etc. Our products, including welding flux recycling machines, have passed ISO9001:2000. HONJ is one of the most famous welding machinery manufactures in China.