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Chamfering Machine

Chamfering Machine

Our chamfering machine cuts plate edges according to the required angles to obtain desired end bevel for welding. It works based on the principle of rolling shear. Such beveling machine is mainly used for the chamfering of mechanical units and metal plates in steel processing, steel structure chamfering, mould and formwork processing. What’s more, it is also fit for metal processing, machine chamfering and metal parts production.

1. Chamfering machine has advantages of adjustable chamfering thickness, simple operation and low cost.
2. It has high work efficiency (3m per minute) and consumes less energy.
3. With this beveling machine, the plate is smooth and needs no debur. Furthermore, the plate size is accurate.

Chamfering machine is consisted of main frame, support rack and electric control system.


Specification GD-20 Chamfering Machine
Texture of Plate Q235 16Mn 1Gr18N19T1
Max. Width of End Bevel (mm) 20 16 12
Chamfering Angle (°) 25°- 55°
Min. Straight Edge (mm) 2
Max. Thickness 40

Blade Changing Method
1. Loose the hexagon socket screw of chamfering machine head.
2. Take down the head.
3. Unscrew the retaining screw of blade and take down the blade.
4. Pay attention to the blade direction and install the new one.
5. Install the chamfering machine head.
6. Check every part of beveling machine to ensure the screws are not loose and that the parts do not fall off.

1. Chamfering machine can not be used unless it is connected to the ground.
2. Make a check on every part.
3. Turn off the switch and insert power supply.
4. Before using, turn on the switch to let the blade work. The blade cuts work-piece from the head and moves ahead.
5. Do not let the rotating blade hurt your hand or body.
6. After operation, turn off the switch when chamfering machine is placed on the ground or worktable. Make sure the blade stops rotating.
7. Pull up power cable from outlet when: 1) the beveling machine is not used;2) operators replace the components;3) the power is off.
8. Avoid being damaged by scattered needle powder during cutting.
9. Forbid to use chamfering machine in wet environment.

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