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Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine

Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine

Multi-head strip cutting machine is a high efficient gas flame cutting equipment that uses oxygen and acetylene as cutting fuel. It is installed with one set of flame cutting torches on the front, which is used for horizontal or diagonal cutting. On the back side, it has two sets of flame cutting torques used for longitudinal straight cutting. H beam strip cutting machinery can provide various cutting system for client selection. It can cut both strip and abnormally shaped pieces.

1. Multi-head strip cutting machine employs imported AC motor, helical gear reducer and precision gear rack.
2. The cutting speed can be adjusted through imported AC inverter.
3. H beam strip cutting machinery is designed with a gas source control box, conveniently adjusting every gas pressure.
4. Main pipe and every control valve are imported products to ensure reliable and safe operation.
5. Horizontal cutting torch pipeline layout is safe and beautiful with adopting imported towing chain.

1. Multi-head strip cutting machine uses PANASONIC high precision servo drivers.
2. Imported pipes are applied to lengthen service life.
3. CNC cutting torches are fixed by high precision lead screw and roller liner guide, making sure that they are on the same vertical line.
4. Portal frame girder of H beam strip cutting machinery is bended and tempering processed, preventing deformation.
5 With steel welded frame and double axis guide rail, multi-head strip cutting machine overmatches other similar products in many aspects. Various performances reach or exceed standard.

Parameters of Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine

Specification YZCG-4000 YZCG-5000 YZCG-6000
Track Range (mm) 4000 5000 6000
Effective Cutting Width (mm) 3200 3700 4200
Min. Cutting Width (mm) CNC 230 230 230
Strip 80 80 80
Plate Thickness (mm) 6-100 6-100 6-100
Cutting Speed (m/min) Frequency Control 0.05-2 0.05-2 0.05-2
Servo Drive 0.05-6 0.05-6 0.05-6
Max. Return Speed  (mm/min) Frequency Control 2000 2000 2000
Servo Drive 6000 6000 6000
Cutting Precision (mm) ± 0.5/1000
Roughness of Cut Surface Ra12.5
Repeated Accuracy ±0.5
Main Pipe Oxygen P=1MPa
Acetylene P=0.1MPa
Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency 50HZ
Total Power of  Gas Cutting Machine (Kw) 1.5

1. Regularly clean every part, including components in CNC control box, power source box etc.
2. Regularly oil and clean gear, gear box, rack, rail.
3. Regularly remove Scraps filter to clean.

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