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  • Standard Welding PositionerStandard welding positioner is able to meet the requirements of all kinds of work-pieces. It is made up of worktable rotation mechanism, overturning mechanism and electronic control system. The work-piece can be welded or assembled through the overturning and rotating of the worktable. For the sake of eccentric moment and distance of centre of gravity, large model of weld positioner should be chosen ...
  • Hydraulic Elevating Welding PositionerHydraulic elevating welding positoner can adjust worktable height through changing plug position. With good dynamic brake, it can stop immediately. This hydraulic welding positioner is armed with anti-interference electronic control system to achieve remote control. Besides, the protractor can show the angles clearly. Fully enclosed speed control mechanism realizes stepless control. The tilting angle of hydraulic ...
  • Welding TurntableThe horizontal welding turntable is mainly used for the welding, surfacing or cutting of pipes and flange plates. Such rotary welding positioner is also suitable for assembling, cutting, inspecting, sanding and painting work piece. It enables work-piece to rotate around vertical axis. The turntable can be used as a component and can enhance the original function when combined with other equipment. Our horizontal welding turntable...
  • Custom Welding PositionerThe welder positioner includes the tilting type, lifting type, head and tail stock positioner, welding turntable and double rotation type. The work-piece is made to be in the optimum position for welding or assembling by way of the lifting and rotation of worktable. The positioner, together with welding manipulator and robot, can form an automatic welding machine. According to different types of work-pieces ...

Welding Positioners

Welding positioners are usually used to drag work-piece to the optimum position for welding. It has become necessary welding equipment for manufacturing industry. It includes the tilting type, lifting type, head and tail stock type, welding turntable type and double bed type. In addition, we can provide various custom positioners relying on different work-pieces.

Our welding positioners are high efficient and realize girth welding. Used cooperatively with various manual and automatic welding, they are broadly applied in pressure container, metallurgy, electricity, chemical, machinery and structural metal industries.

1. The key components and parts of welding positioner are domestic and foreign famous brand products.
2. The welding structural components are annealing processed to ensure long-term use without deformation.
3. This welding equipment utilizes frequency inverter to control speed.

1. Standard Welding Positioner
The standard welding positioner can satisfy the needs of all kinds of work-pieces. We could provide appropriate plan for reference as long as the work-piece shape, weight and processing technology are offered.
2. Hydraulic Elevating Welding Positioner
Hydraulic elevating welding equipment is equipped with a protractor which shows tilting angle clearly. The maximum tilting angle can be 135°.
3. Welding Turntable
Our welding turntable is mainly applied in pipes and flanges. It can also used in assembling, cutting, inspecting, sanding and painting.
4. Custom Welding Positioner

1. Choose suitable types of welding positioners depending on different work-piece and technological requirements.
2. Choose different specifications according to the eccentric moment and distance of centre of gravity.

Package and Shipment
1. Foam paper, steel shelf and wooden case are often used to pack welding positioners.
2. Ocean shipping is only available

L/C and T/T are both accepted types of payment for box beam production line.

WUXI HONJ MATERIAL CO., LTD. is a professional welding equipment manufacturer in China. Our products generally include welding positioners, CNC cutting machine, shot blasting machine, welding manipulator, welding turning roller and H beam production line, to name a few. All products have passed CE certification. And we won Product Patent certificate as well. If you have interest in our welder positioner, please visit our website or call us directly.