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Face Milling Machine

Face Milling Machine

The face milling machine manufactured by us can be used for milling both H beam and box beam surface and sides. The maximum end face size that can be processed is 1200mm*1500mm and the minimum size is 300mm*200mm. The horizontal and vertical milling speed is 50 to 400mm/min. and 22 to 550mm/min. respectively. The milling angle of our surfacing machine is 0° to 45°. With features of simple operation, compact structure and quick adjustment, face milling machine has become necessary for welding industry.

1. The face milling machine is suitable for end cutting of casting pieces, steel pieces and other metal materials. It is widely applied in machine building industry.
2. It is applied to the surface milling of mould and plastic formwork frames. This machine can conduct milling, drilling and boring of end face of too long work piece.

Parameters about Facing Milling Machine

Specification YZDX-0810 YZDX-1212 YZDX-1215
Accepted End Face Size (mm) 800 * 1000 1200 * 1200 1200 * 1500
Horizontal Milling Speed (mm/min) 50-440
Vertical Milling Speed of Surfacing Machine  (mm/min) 22-550
Milling Angle (°) 0-45
Specification of Milling Head TX25A TX32A TX32A
Rotating Speed of Milling Cutter (rpm) 125-800 125-630 125-630
Dia. of Milling Cutter (mm) 125-250 125-360 125-360

Face milling machine is made up of milling head, lifting floor stand, worktable, mechanical feed system, electronic control system, guide rail protection device and cutter.

1. Make check on important components of surfacing machine.
2. Scrub clean guide rail and then lubricate each part.
3. Make an idle running and be sure whether the lubricating system of face milling machine is normal or not.
4. Clean every corner of the machine and make sure there is no dead angle or oil contamination. Eliminate guide rail burr.
5. Check to see if the oil way is blocked or not. Make sure the oil tank is clean and has adequate oil. Wash oil filter screen and replace with new oil.
6. Change wear-out parts of face milling machine.
7. Adjust the space between holding strips and between main shafts. Ensure the handle position is right without looseness.

Since establishment, we are a professional supplier of face milling machine, welding positioner, welding manipulator and other equipment in China. Our products have been acknowledged by CE. Customer oriented, our company consistently provides clients with various services, such as technical consulting, processing set-up, technical proposal, training, site instruction and free hoisting. What’s more, we also offer quick-wear parts to clients. For more information about surfacing machine, please visit our website or call us directly.

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