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H Beam Assembling Machine

H Beam Assembling Machine

H beam assembly machine is generally applied in the spot welding and assembling of the cut plates. The flange and web plate of main frame respectively has two sets of centring clamping devices which are driven by hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder drives rack to move gear which drives other transmission mechanism. This H beam automatic assembling machine is composed of main frame, flange plate, web plate, hydraulic power pack, electric motor.

1. The upper hold-down device is equipped with pressure maintaining system. Thus, H beam assembly machine is able to assembly and weld variable cross-section steel. Besides, it utilizes bidirectional four guide clamping to position, preventing shakes.
2. Automatic centring clamping device can adjust flange plate width automatically.
3. H beam automatic assembling machine is equipped with hydraulic lifting alignment device at the top.
4. The retaining rack on the top of H beam assembly machine can ensure flange plate end aligns at web plate end.
5. The hydraulic power pack is armed with fine filter to make sure solenoid valve can permanently and reliably be used.
6. The centring speed is quick with the adoption of mechanic-manual synchronized clamping centring.
7. Sectional design is applied in roller bed and input rod system. According to users’ requirements and work-piece length, we can plus or minus roller beds.

Specification about H beam Assembly Machine

Model YZ0815 YZ0818 YZ0820 YZ0825
Dimension of Web Plate  (mm) Height 150-1500 150-1800 150-2000 150-2500
Depth 6-50
Dimension of Flange Plate  (mm) Width 150-800
Depth 6-80
Work-piece Length (mm) 4000-15000
Assembling Speed (m/min.) 0.5-6
Installed Power (Kw) 9.5 (Assembly Machine)  (Other Two Gas Protective Welders: 2* 12.5 KVA)

1. Check H beam assembly machine frequently and timely replace easy wear parts, preventing it from working with malfunction.
2. Please refer to hydraulic scheme to maintain hydraulic system. Hydraulic components should not be dismantled or installed randomly.
3. Make regular examination on air filter of hydraulic system, avoiding blockage.
4. Make sure that the oil tank of H beam assembly machine has 2/3 hydraulic oil always.
5. Let no sundries into hydraulic system.

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