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Plate Edge Milling Machine

Plate Edge Milling Machine

Plate edge milling machine is a kind of high efficiency equipment to process plate end bevels by way of milling instead of beveling. This milling equipment is necessary for automatic welding in pressure container, shipbuilding, electricity, chemical and structural steel industry. According to requirements, it can process straight edge, bevel edge and U, X and Y end bevels. It is now the latest equipment for processing plate end bevels.

1. Compared with beveling machine, plate edge milling machine has features of energy saving, low investment and high precision.
2. It can improve product quality and work efficiency. Besides, with it, labor intensity can be reduced.
3. Compared with traditional milling equipment, this machine has independent feed system and return system. Plate edge milling machine has advantages of fast return speed, high efficiency and reasonable structure. Besides, the milling head runs more stable and reliable. The angle of milling cutter is easy to adjust. Custom cutter and standard cutter are interchangeable.

Parameters of Plate Edge Milling Machine

Specification XBJ-6 XBJ-9 XBJ-12
Milling Angle of Milling Equipment (°)  0-45°
Plate Thickness (mm) 6-50
Horizontal Milling Speed (m/min) 0.1-1
Return Speed (m/min)  5
Spindle Speed (m/min)  80-400
Hydraulic Pressure (MPa)  ≤ 3.5
Number of Cylinders (Pieces) 8 11 15
Height between Supporting Platform and the Ground (mm)  900
Power of Feed Motor (Kw) 1.5
Motor Power of Milling Machine (Kw) 5.5
Motor Power of Oil Pump (Kw) 5.5 5.5 5.5

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