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Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

Steel plate pretreatment lines are used to derust steel castings and apply protective primers onto the surface before these steel castings accept welding treatment. Pre-treated by steel plate sandblasting devices, steel surface is evenly roughened with dense pits which make steels easy to paint. In this way, steel castings are corrosion resistant and durable. Because of high surface cleanness, processed steels are suitable for precise CNC cutting process. Besides, shot blasting and painting procedure can increase steel processing efficiency, decrease labor intensity and make steel processing environment-friendly.

Steel plate pretreatment lines are composed of crosswise steel loading units, roller conveyors, steel cleaning devices, pre-heating rooms, shot blasting derusting systems, after-shotblasting cleaning rooms, intermediate inspection roller ways, painting rooms, drying rooms, runout tables, crosswise steel unloading units, dedusting systems, paint spraying systems, electrical control systems, etc. In steel plate sandblasting devices, programmable controllers are applied to make operation easy and highly automated.

Parameters of Steel Plate Pretreatment Lines

No. Item Unit Specifications
1 Model No.   JPG2.0 JPG2.5 JPG3.0 JPG3.5 JPG4.0 JPG4.5 JPG5.0
2 Width of Steel Castings mm 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000
3 Thickness of Steel Plates mm 5-60 5-100
4 Min. Cross-Section of Structural Steel mm 50 × 50
5 Max. Cross-Section of Structural Steel mm 1000 ×  350 1400 × 350 1600 × 450 2000 × 450 2500 × 500 3000 × 500 3500 × 500
6 Min. Length of Steel Castings mm 2100
7 Max. Length of Steel Castings mm 12000 15000
8 Conveying Speed of Steel Castings m/s 1-4 1-4.5
9 De-Dusting Grade   ISO8501-1, 1988, GB8923-88 (Bsa2.5)
10 Surface Roughness μm 25~70
11 Film Thickness μm 15±5
12 Paint Type   Fast Dry Zinc Rich Primer or Epoxy Primer
13 Installed Power kw According to Practical Configurations
14 Compressed Air Consumption m3/min 3~5 5~7
15 Pressure of Compressed Air MPa 0.4~0.7
16 Initial Loading Quantity of Shot T 7~9 9~12 12~15 14~18

Steel plate pretreatment lines manufactured by HONJ are widely sold at home and abroad. Our foreign clients are from America, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, etc. HohJ is not only a professional steel plate sandblasting devices manufacturer, it is also manufacturer of many other welding equipments. Our products are widely utilized in power stations, ship manufacturing, structural steel constructions, petrochemical engineering, and so on.

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