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  • Multi-Head Strip Cutting MachineMulti-head strip cutting machine is a high efficient gas flame cutting equipment that uses oxygen and acetylene as cutting fuel. It is installed with one set of flame cutting torches on the front, which is used for horizontal or diagonal cutting. On the back side, it has two sets of flame cutting torques used for longitudinal straight cutting. H beam strip cutting machinery can provide various cutting system for client selection...
  • H Beam Assembling MachineH beam assembly machine is generally applied in the spot welding and assembling of the cut plates. The flange and web plate of main frame respectively has two sets of centring clamping devices which are driven by hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder drives rack to move gear which drives other transmission mechanism. This H beam automatic assembling machine is composed of main frame, flange plate, web plate ...
  • H-Beam Automatic Welding MachineConsidering the particularity of fillet welding in the flat position, H-beam automatic welding machine is designed and manufactured. Gantry welding machine is structured by a gantry, sliding plate, torch mechanical tracking system, flux recycling system, submerged arc welder and electric apparatus control system. Of them, the gantry is the frame and its intensity has been calculated in detail. As the welding arm uses motor reducer ...
  • H-Beam Straightening MachineH beam flange straightening machine is exclusively used to straighten out H beam deformed flange plate after the welding. Our plate leveling machine is characteristic of simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency and reliable work. The straightening speed is 5.7 m/min. for YZJ-20 and 18m/min. for YZJ-40.
    1. H beam flange straightening machine is furnished with close control operation box ...
  • Automatic H Beam Production LineAutomatic H beam production line is able to complete the operations of work piece cutting, assembling, welding, straightening and burnishing. It is mainly made up of CNC cutting machine, automatic H beam assembly machine, gantry automatic welder or cantilever auto welder, flange straightening machine, shot blasting machine, 60° and 90° overturning rack. The product line employs tandem operation ...
  • Overturning and Conveying EquipmentTo reduce the operating frequency and improve efficiency, we configure H beam production line with hydraulic overturning machine, H beam conveying machine and turnover bracket. These help to achieve automatic transference and turnover during the process of welding and straightening.
    1. H Beam conveying machine is constituted by mainframe, hydraulic system and electronic control system ...

H-Beam Steel Production Line

We are engaged in developing and manufacturing H beam steel production line. Through years of research and improvement, our H beam welding line is well received both at home and abroad because of the compact structure, excellent function, trustable quality and high automation. Depending on different factory and workpiece, the company can provide customized production line which is not expensive.

H beam steel production line is widely applied structural steel factory, large frame structure, general steel mill, power plant, high-rise building, bridge, etc. Besides, it is also available in metallurgy, chemical equipment, steel furnace, boiler, and so on.

1. H beam steel production line has features of simple structure and reasonable layout.
2. The main drive adopts imported AC inverter.
3. H beam welding line is also equipped with triaxial mechanical tracking system to guarantee the welding gun accurately collimates welding seam.
4. The power supply of submerged arc welder is installed on the gantry, making welding current stable.
5. Integration tandem control is utilized to control welding and gantry, simplifying operation.
6. All machines on H beam steel production line have passed CE certificate.
7. We provide equipment pictures and customization service. Furthermore, training, installation, debugging and technical support are also provided.
8. The guarantee period lasts for 12 months.

H beam steel production line mainly includes:
1. Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine
2. H Beam Assembling Machine
3. H-Beam Welding Machine
4. H-Beam Straightening Machine
5. Automatic H Beam Production Line
6. Overturning and Conveying Equipment

Production Process
Cutting → Polishing → Assembling → Welding → Straightening → Painting

Packing and Shipping
1. Foam paper, steel shelf and wooden case are available for H beam steel production line equipment.
2. Ocean shipping is accepted to transport H beam welding line.
L/C and T/T are both accepted.

With about five years of manufacturing experience, WUXI HONJ MATERIAL CO., LTD. has become a professional H beam steel production line manufacturer in China. Many of our products have been sold to the USA, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, UAE, and so forth. We sincerely welcome your visiting and consulting.