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Welding Platform

Welding Platform

Our welding platform is usually used for inside weld and outside weld. When the welding trolley moves along the cantilever, this kind of welding equipment can also conduct the internal and external longitudinal welding of large diameter short cylinders. Always used with welding manipulator, it also serves to operate and maintain welding machine and to transport welding flux.

The welding platform is structured by a platform, floor stand, trolley, guardrail, ladder and electronic control system. It adopts monorail or dual rail travelling mechanism which is driven by motor reducing gear. The floor stand is connected with plant pillar. And welding machine is placed on the travelling rack. Driven by chain, the platform can ascend and descend, which is fixed on the sliding plate and installed with beam. Besides, the platform has guardrail around it. The ladder serves for worker to ascend and descend the welding platform and has safety hand rail.

With about five years of development, WUXI HONJ MATERIAL CO., LTD. has become a profesional maker of welding equipment in China. Our products include welding platform, CNC cutting machien, H beam production line, box beam production line, welding machine, welding positioner, welding straightening machine, milling equipment, welding turning roll, and so on. They sell well across China and are exported to over 30 foreign countries, like the USA, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, etc. Having passed CE certificate, the quality can be trusted. We warmly welcom your inquiry and consulting about our welding platform.

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