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Automatic H Beam Production Line

Automatic H Beam Production Line

Automatic H beam production line is able to complete the operations of work piece cutting, assembling, welding, straightening and burnishing. It is mainly made up of CNC cutting machine, automatic H beam assembly machine, gantry automatic welder or cantilever auto welder, flange straightening machine, shot blasting machine, 60° and 90° overturning rack. The product line employs tandem operation. The work piece is transported through overturning rack and roller bed. The whole automatic H beam production line is flexible and can be added with equipment at different processing section to improve working efficiency.

Cantilever Auto Welding Machine

YZC cantilever auto welding machine is in charge of welding work piece on the automatic H beam production line. It works stably and can return quickly. The main frame and welder adopts integration tandem control.

1. Driven by biaxial four-wheel synchronous driving system, our cantilever auto welding machine operates steadily.
2. Welding seam automatic tracking can be achieved through reliable three axis mechanical weld tracking device.
3. Compact-structured, it takes up less space.
4. Frequency conversion stepless speed control enables stable movement.
5. Welding flux can be transported and recycled automatically.
6. The workbench bottom plate has a welding viewport.


Model YZC Cantilever Auto Welding Machine
Height of Web Plate (mm) 200-2000
Height of Flange Plate (mm) 200-800
H Beam Length (mm) 4000-15000
Model of Welder MZ-1000 Auto Submerged Arc Welder
Welding Form Fillet Welding in the Flat Position
Welding Speed (m/min) 0.3-3
Return Speed (m/min) 4.5
Track Span (mm) 1150
Power (Kw) 2.2 (Excluding Welder Power )

Since establishment, we have been dedicated to the production of automatic H beam production line and cantilever auto welding machine. We constantly bring in foreign latest technology and techniques and use them to develop and improve our products. Clients-oriented, our company provides rich services ranging from technical consulting, layout, free hoisting, installation and debugging to training. Within the guarantee period, we at any time offer technical advice and consultation. Come to visit our website for details about automatic H beam production line.

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