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  • Light Duty Welding ManipulatorOur light duty welding manipulator is used for plate weld and butt weld. Besides, it is also suitable for longitudinal weld of cylinders. If equipped with turning rolls, the column and boom welding manipulators are available for all-round weld of cylinders. Furnished with positioner, the manipulator can weld different parts and various work-pieces as well ...
  • Heavy Duty Welding ManipulatorThe heavy duty welding manipulator is designed for operations requiring extended lift and reach. The effective lift stroke is 8000mm, 5000mm and 4000mm for different models. When armed with positioner, our automatic welding manipulators are suitable for all-round weld of internal and external cylinders. The acceptable diameter of cylinder is 1000 mm to 8000 mm, 1000 mm to 5000 mm and 1000 mm to 4000 mm for different models ...
  • Welding PlatformOur welding platform is usually used for inside weld and outside weld. When the welding trolley moves along the cantilever, this kind of welding equipment can also conduct the internal and external longitudinal welding of large diameter short cylinders. Always used with welding manipulator, it also serves to operate and maintain welding machine and to transport welding flux ...

Automatic Welding Manipulators

Automatic welding manipulator is used to send welding head or welding gun to the welding position and fix it there as well. Or, it changes flux position at rated welding speed along the regulated track. This welding mobile manipulator consists of mobile trolley, floor stand, cross arm, guide holder, electronic installation platform, ladder, floor stand rotation mechanism and locking mechanism, cross arm lifting mechanism and retraction mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism and locking mechanism, electronic control units, and so on.

Our automatic welding manipulator can be subdivided into three types.
1. Light Duty Welding Manipulator
2. Heavy Duty Welding Manipulator
3. Welding Platform

Automatic welding manipulator is suitable for such industries as pressure container, metallurgy, refrigeration equipment, power plant construction, engineering machinery, petrochemical construction and wind electricity. Furthermore, welding mobile manipulator can also be used in roller surfacing industry.

1. The trolley, cross arm, floor stand and guide holder are the major components of automatic welding manipulator. They are made of profile steel or high quality carbon structural steel. After welding, they are destressing processed. Finally, the finish machining helps to strengthen solidity and enhance intensity.
2. The side rear plate of floor stand and cross arm is bending steel plate and is welded with main plate to form a rectangular beam structure. The double rail rectangular guide rail is made from 16Mn, increasing the intensity and plasticity and lengthening lifetime of guide surface.

Packing and Shipping
1. Foam paper, steel shelf and wooden case are available for packing automatic welding manipulator.
2. Ocean shipping is accepted to transport welding mobile manipulator.

L/C and T/T are both accepted.

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