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  • H Beam Shot Blasting MachineH beam shot blasting machines are utilized to smoothen the surface of steel castings and to remove contaminants like dust, oxides, etc. Equipped with advanced efficient single-disk abrasive impellers, H beam shot blaster can propel high-speed and dense shots to conduct three-dimensional surface treatment for steels. Then, steel castings are endowed with clean and smooth surface. Besides...
  • Steel Plate Shot Blasting MachineJPG steel plate shot blasting machines are specially designed for pre-treatment of steel plates and structural components, also for post-treatment of steel structural members. These small shot blasting machines are featured by high efficiency, high quality, good adaptability to steel castings, low processing costs, etc. Besides, top-install cartridge filters and advanced shot-sand separators are equipped to make steel plate shot ...
  • Steel Plate Pretreatment LineSteel plate pretreatment lines are used to derust steel castings and apply protective primers onto the surface before these steel castings accept welding treatment. Pre-treated by steel plate sandblasting devices, steel surface is evenly roughened with dense pits which make steels easy to paint. In this way, steel castings are corrosion resistant and durable. Because of high surface cleanness, processed steels are suitable...
  • Sandblasting Room and Sandblasting Equipment1. Sandblasting room is specially designed for derusting various steel castings, including large-size castings and forgings, welded structural steels, transformer tanks, machines, vehicles, ships, etc.
    2. In abrasive blast room, steel castings are processed by a high-speed stream of abrasive materials, such as copper ore sands, quartz sands, carborundum, iron sands, deep sea sands, etc. In this way, steels ...

Shot Blasting Machines

Propelling a stream of abrasive materials (steel sands or steel shots) against steel products, shot blasting machines can roughen the glossy surface, smooth the rough surface and remove surface contaminants such as rust, sands, rags, etc. Compared with other surface treatment methods, abrasive blasting equipments are more effective and efficient. Although steel sand blasting devices may lead to deformed appearance of steel castings, they are still widely used in surface treatment for steel castings, gray iron castings, malleable cast irons, nodular iron casting, etc. Besides, a protective layer comes into being after surface treatment. Unlike wheelabrators, shot blasting machine changes surface stress accepted by steel castings and contributes to stronger steel strength, while it will decrease fatigue life of these steel castings.

Categories of Shot Blasting Machines
1. H Beam Shot Blasting Machine
2. Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine
3. Steel Plate Pretreatment Line
4. Sandblasting Room and Sandblasting Equipment

1. Only well-trained workers are qualified for operation of abrasive blasting equipments.
2. Operators should know features of shot blasting machines well. Besides, they must be skillful in machine operation and maintenance.
3. Before running machines, operators must check control panels first and assure that all switches are rightly set (including power switch). In this way, device damage and dangers because of malfunction can be avoided.
4. Operators must wear protective clothing and glasses when working.
5. Regularly conduct maintenances for steel sand blasting devices (including lubrication). Besides, clean dusts and sundries in dust removers every week.
6. Operation on shot blasting machines must be conducted under strict management and security regulations. Besides, duty shift should be strictly performed.
7. Cut off electricity power and clean workshops when machines finish daily working.

1. Before adding or recycling iron sands into abrasive blasting equipments, you should start dust removal fans, horizontal screws, bucket elevators and vertical screws.
2. Regularly let pulse jet cleaning work to remove dusts. Besides, another 30 minutes are added to normal time for pulse jet cleaning if shot blasting machines stop working.
3. To shutdown switches continuously is forbidden. Certain interval is requested when shutting down one switch after another. In this case, damage to electric meter because of overlarge electric current is avoided.
4. Regularly check if wear-resistant parts are seriously worn. Besides, regularly clean filter screens and shot valves.
5. When manipulating shot blasting machines, operators should take care to prevent slipping down.

Delivery and Payment
1. Abrasive blasting equipments are packaged with foam papers, steel shelves and wooden cases. They are delivered by sea.
2. These steel sand blasting devices are paid through L/C or T/T.