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  • H Beam Shot Blasting MachineH beam shot blasting machines are utilized to smoothen the surface of steel castings and to remove contaminants like dust, oxides, etc. Equipped with advanced efficient single-disk abrasive impellers, H beam shot blaster can propel high-speed and dense shots to conduct three-dimensional surface treatment for steels. Then, steel castings are endowed with clean and smooth surface. Besides...
  • Automatic Flux Recovery EquipmentYS-H automatic flux recovery equipment is widely used to recycle submerged arc solders. They are widely used in welding industry. There are five types of YS-H solder recycling machines: YS-H-C, YS-H-A, YS-H-M, YS-H-B and YS-H30M machines.
    1. YS-H-C machines are wheel-type automatic flux recovery units. Apart from recycling solders ...