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  • Self-Aligning Welding Rotator This series of self-aligning welding rotator is suitable for automatic welding of circumferential and longitudinal seam of metal cylinder when matched with YZH welding machine. On the other hand, this welding turning roll can also provide help to manual welding. Besides, it helps to test and assembly cylinders. It drives clamp holder to automatically modulate barycentre by taking advantage of welding piece weight. Thus ...
  • Adjustable Welding Rotator Our adjustable welding rotator is applicable in welding, polishing, rubber lining and assembling of cylinders. This welding turning roller adopts manual adjustment of centre distance. The roller liner speed is 6 to 60 m per hour. The load capacity ranges from 3 ton to 650 ton.
    1. The adjustable welding rotator is designed with a screw adjusting method. And for workpiece...
  • Fit-up Welding RotatorThe fit-up welding rotator is mainly employed to weld long pipes, such as wind tower. Such welding turning roller uses four independent rollers for assemblage. It is usually used with passive roller. The maximum load capacity varies from model to model (3t to 650t). It adopts AC variable frequency stepless regulation or electromagnetic regulation...
  • Anti-Drift Welding RotatorThe anti-drift welding rotator is used for welding thick-wall and narrow gap cylinders. It works to prevent the workpiece form drifting axially. The anti-drifting accuracy is less then ±1.5-2 mm. We provide three types of welding turning roll for selection-single jack-up, double jack-up and roller deflection anti-drifting. Its max load capacity is 1600t (YZFK-1600) and the liner speed is 6 to 60 meters an hour...

Welding Rotator

The welding rotator made by us is used for welding, sanding, rubber lining and assemblage of cylinders. It can fall into self-alignment type, adjustable type, fit-up type and anti-drift type. Metallic roller, rubber roller and polyurethane roller are available for this welding turning roll. Our welding turning rollers can be customized according to clients’ requirements.

1. Welding rotator can weld work pieces that are not round or microscler providing that they are placed within customized ring clamp.
2. When cooperation with manual welding, it can test and assembly drum work pieces.
3. Adjusting the height of active and passive roller, this welding turning roll is also able to assembly and weld cone and solid of revolution.

1. Welding rotator simplifies welding process and improves welding conditions.
2. During working, the welding turning roll imposes pressure rather than adding filling materials.
3. With it, useful alloying elements avoid being burned and harmful elements are prevented from entering the welding seam.
4. As the heating temperature is lower than fusion welding, welding rotator has advantages of short heating time and small heat affected zone.
5. The employment of this kind of roller largely improves welding quality and efficiency. Furthermore, labor intensity is reduced as well.
6. Our welding rotator has received CE certificate.

Packing and Shipping
1. Welding rotator should be packaged with foam paper, steel shelf and wooden case.
2. The available transportation is ocean shipping

L/C and T/T are both accepted.

Apart from welding rotator, we provide CNC cutting machine, welding manipulator, werlding positioner, milling equipment, H beam production line as well as box beam production line. Being a professional manufacturer of welding turning roll in China, we also carry out strict management to ensure the quality. To maximize clients’ satisfaction, we provide pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.