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Custom Welding Positioner

The welder positioner includes the tilting type, lifting type, head and tail stock positioner, welding turntable and double rotation type. The work-piece is made to be in the optimum position for welding or assembling by way of the lifting and rotation of worktable. The positioner, together with welding manipulator and robot, can form an automatic welding machine. According to different types of work-pieces, custom welding positioner will be designed and manufactured.

We provide three types of custom welding positioners as follows.
1. Double Bed Welding Positioner
The double bed welding positioner is designed and manufactured with higher stability and larger capacity. It is particularly suitable for large and heavy work-piece. The worktable is located on the frame which is fixed on the beds on its two sides. The worktable rotates around the horizontal axis at constant speed or welding speed.

2. Head and Tail Stock Welding Positioner

L Welding Positioner

Choose suitable tonnage of custom welding postioner depending on work-piece weight, distance of centre of gravity, worktable height and eccentric moment of centre of gravity.

Through approximately five years of development, we are now a professional welder positioner manufacturer in China. Besides, we also provide custom welding positioner and other equipment as well. Our company always attaches great importance to customer services. At present, we provide technical consulting, installation, debugging, on-site instruction, and so on. OEM service is also available. For more information, welcome to visit our website or contact us directly.

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