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H-Beam Straightening Machine

H Beam Flange Straightening Machine (Plate Leveling Machine)

H beam flange straightening machine is exclusively used to straighten out H beam deformed flange plate after the welding. Our plate leveling machine is characteristic of simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency and reliable work. The straightening speed is 5.7 m/min. for YZJ-20 and 18m/min. for YZJ-40.

1. H beam flange straightening machine is furnished with close control operation box, simplifying operation.
2. The backup roll is made from 35CrMo and is forged through heat treatment, lengthening its lifetime.
3. H beam flange straightening machine adopts 22 Kw motor, increasing drive efficiency and quickening straightening.
4. To expand its application, we furnish the machine with a set of backup rolls.

Parameters about Plate Leveling Machine

Model YZJ-20 YZJ-40
Flange Plate Width (mm) 150-600 200-800
Flange Plate Depth (mm) ≤ 20 ≤ 40
Min. Web Plate Width (mm) 160 350
Texture Q235A Q235A
Straightening Speed (m/min) 5.7 18
Power (Kw) 9 25

Hydraulic Straightening Machine (Hydraulic Plate Leveler)

Hydraulic straightening machines are suitable for rectifying thick flange plates of H beam. It is widely used in electric furnace frame, large structural steel construction, steel bridge, etc.

1. Hydraulic straightening machine has advantages of high drive torque, great straightening strength, high efficiency and quality.
2. The driving wheel is made from 35L CrMo. The hardness is HRC50-55. So it can be used for quite a long time. The 35CrMo has high intensity, tenacity and hardenability.
3. Hydraulic plate leveler uses NingBo Lantronix hydraulic power pack, thus the quality is trustable.

1. Hydraulic straightening machine is used to rectify deformation of H beam flange plate during welding. The upper roll adopts axle box structure featuring large carrying capacity. Hydraulic cylinder is employed to adjust separation distance, which is reliable. Main cylinder utilizes domestic high quality seal ring, leading to good sealing performance and long service life.
2. The hydraulic plate lever is armed with a ruler to make adjustment accurate. Hydraulic power pack is installed with fine filter, making sure the electromagnetic valve enjoys reliable and long-term use. The main roll and straightening roll are made of high quality alloy steel and have been heat processed, ensuring there is no crack.
3. The active roller bed on both sides of hydraulic straightening machine is lifted by hydraulic pressure in case work-piece would damage it after straightening.


Model YZJ60B YZJ80B
Flange Plate Width (mm) 180-800 200-1000
Flange Plate Depth (mm) ≤ 60 ≤ 80
Min. Height of Web Plate (mm) 350 350
Texture Q345 Q345
Straightening Speed (m/min) 6.3 6.3
Total Power (Kw) 37 52

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