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Automatic Flux Recovery Equipment

Automatic Flux Recovery Equipment

YS-H automatic flux recovery equipment is widely used to recycle submerged arc solders. They are widely used in welding industry. There are five types of YS-H solder recycling machines: YS-H-C, YS-H-A, YS-H-M, YS-H-B and YS-H30M machines.

1. YS-H-C machines are wheel-type automatic flux recovery units. Apart from recycling solders, they can also be used as moveable suction machines. With strong suction force, this automatic flux recovery equipment can decrease labour intensity for cleaning.
2. YS-H-A machines always work together with charging basket and hoppers. They are necessary auxiliary equipments of various heavy duty welding machines, such as membrane type welding machine, spiral pipe welding machines, gantry welding machines, etc.
3. YS-H-B automatic flux recovery equipment is improved type of YS-H-A solder recycling machines. For this type, bag filters and dedusting system are optimized. Compact machine structures make YS-H-B machines space-saving. Besides, machine installation and operation are more reliable.
4. In YS-H-M automatic submerged arc flux recovery equipments, electric control cabinets are applied, which makes operation more convenient. Imported polyester fiber filter cartridges are used. Compared with traditional bag filters, they are more efficient and economical. Besides, time relays are utilized to control dedusting system so that filter cartridges are cleaned by blowing air at regularly time. In this way, only very slight dusts and particles are discharged, which is environment-friendly.
5. YS-H30M solder recycling machines combine advantageous features of YS-H-C, YS-H-A, YS-H-M and YS-H-B automatic flux recovery equipments. They settle long-distance (30 m) recycling problems and their functions are at tops in market nowadays.

Available Charging Barrels

  • YS-H30M
  • YS-H-A
  • YS-H-B
  • YS-H-C
  • YS-H-C1
  • YS-H-M

Over past twenty years, our products, including automatic submerged arc flux recovery equipments, are widely sold domestically and abroad. Foreign clients are from America, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Singapore, Iran, Brazil, and so on. These products are widely used in power stations, heavy-duty machines, ships, steel structures, etc.

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