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Split Flux Recovery System

Split Flux Recovery System

YS-FHS split flux recovery systems are designed on the basis of special welding equipments and welding technology. This flux recovery conveyor system is constituted by dedusting recycling system and conveying system. It is placed in welding platform and connected to solder flux suction mouth and hopper. In YS-FHS series, several model types are offered, including FHS80, FHS100, FHS150 and FHS200. They are with different recovery distances and preloaded solder volumes.

1. YS-FHS split flux recovery systems are featured by flexible assembling ways and wide applications, meeting long-distance solder flux recovery and conveying.
2. High-efficiency built-in filter materials are applied to remove dust, which is environment friendly because of little dust discharge.
3. We offer three kinds of controllers for YS-FHS flux recovery conveyor systems: simple-type controllers, intelligent relay-operated controllers and fully automatic PLC.

Structure Diagram of YS-FHS Split Flux Recovery Systems

  • YS-H30M
  • YS-FHS

Parameters of YS-FHS Flux Recovery Conveyor System

Model No. YS-FHS80 YS-FHS150
Available Solder Recovery Machines YS-H80~YS-H150
Working Negative Pressure (MPa) ≥ -0.016 - ≤ -0.032
Recovery Distance (m) 4.5-15
Flux Capability (L) 40 L 75
Recovery Speed (Kg/min.) 6 8
Conveying Distance (m) 8-25
Machine Weight    
Dimension Size    

As subsidiary company of Wuxi Yizhou, HONJ is specialized in production of automatic welding equipments and H-shape steel machinery, including CNC cutting equipments, facing machines, and so on. Our products, including YS-FHS split flux recovery systems, are widely used in processing pressure vessels, heavy-duty machines, ships, etc. They are also applied in petrochemical engineering, power stations, structural steel constructions, and so on.

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